My Life Is Boring. Said after a sarcastic comment about what you are doing.
by cheezecake135 October 22, 2010
Top Definition
My Life is Bro

Used to describe events that are especially brotastic.
Today I chilled out by the pool with my bro, drank some beer with my bro, and got high with my bro. We're just two bromosexuals in a bromance. MLIB

The hardest decision I had to make today was deciding which set of sperrys goes best with which one of my many lax pennies. MLIB

Today I had a Dave Matthews jam sesh, watched some lax, fucked my girlfriend, and downed like 16 natty ices. I did one of them more than once. Let’s just say it didn’t involve sports, beer, or music. MLIB.
by FIJI Beezy June 01, 2010
The chillest website ever
My Life Is Bro
Mason: Whats the sickest website ever?
Luke: Thats what i was about to say
(all fist bump)
by a person who pops ginos December 21, 2010
An expression used to describe a generally stupid person on the verge of being completely retarded.
A stupid blond bitch who thinks that a sphincter is someone who helped build the sphinx

Kayiesha! Stop acting like a fucking M.LIB, Stop your fucking laughing, you sound like a horse! Asshole, Im not the one with herpes on my vagina! Who's laughing now you M.LIB
by Dr. Cornwalice April 21, 2008

Any Action, or thoughts that pertain to the mannerisms of Batman.
Example: "I beat up a guy dressed as a clown today. My life is Batman."

"My parents both just got murdered in front of me. MLIB"

"I just dropped a gangster into a vat of chemicals. MLIB"

"Seduced a woman who was formerly a lesbian. MLIB."

"Today I dreamed up an expensive plan to kill Superman. MLIB."
by Jyu.Ichi December 12, 2009
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