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After you've read too many MLIAs on and you can't stop thinking of things in your life to submit in that format.
Guy #1: Dude, I just thought of like, 3 MLIAs to submit in the last 5 minutes.
Guy #2: Looks like you have a case of MLIA syndrome.
by Oletha July 22, 2009
When a troubled youth who constantly reads mlia stories starts day dreaming and fantasizing about ninjas and pirates, and running around their school in costume of some mythical creature.
Person1: You know that loser jordan whose in love with mlia?

Person2: yea hes infatuated with it, all he does is talk about ninjas.

Person1: Yeah hes got a real bad case of Mlia syndrome.
by mliabutfyl December 09, 2009
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