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An ole fashion Oklahoma high school screamo band who has progressively increased its crew size to more than ten members. These goons call themselves the Muff Lickin' Coons for absolutely no legit reason. MLC has countless music videos, but no REAL songs.
Travis: "Hey mom, this is Travis speaking. May I ask if you have heard of the new MLC song?"

Mother Beck: "Travis, everybody knows that MLC doesn't produce music; all they do is jerk!"

Travis: "I would jerk too, but I think the streets are EXTREMELY wet..."
by Deuce Chaaaaps July 09, 2010
In the context of the 2009 game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it refers to the style of gameplay associated with the use of the Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando perks (hence the acronym). Using them in conjunction gives you maximum mobility. Marathon lets you sprint endlessly, lightweight increases overall movement speed, and commando allows you to knife players from a great distance. Often used in conjunction with a tactical knife attachment for pistols, which roughly doubles/triples the speed at which you knife.

Some players object to the use of this, since it focuses on knifing rather than the core gunplay. Lag also favors the MLC user because they can potentially enter a room and knife someone before they show up on the victim's TV set (see how to kill a camper). MLC users are also frustrating to shoot at because they are such fast-moving targets.

Haters gonna hate.

In their defense, this is a very unsafe and wreckless form of gameplay, requiring you to charge head first at people with guns in an attempt to knife them. Kudos to anyone who actually does well using only his knife.

A very similar style of gameplay switches out pistol with tactical knife and commando, for a shotgun and steady aim (which makes hip-firing more accurate).
I was playing Modern Warfare 2 when some guy using MLC knifed me. My jimmies were rustled but I got over it and kept playing.
by Zadamanim May 07, 2012
A term that refers to a modern warfare 2 player that uses these three perks: Marathon, Lightweight, Commando. This trinity of perks is often used for running around the map and knifing the opposing team. Although a successful method and strategy, it annoys the hell out of everyone and is not the way the game should be played.

MLC players are also referred to as runners

player that got killed: "wow, I just got knifed by an MLC runner. Now I'm going to get my MLC class and annoy everyone too."
by MLC bitchass February 23, 2010
An older person caught in the act of having a mid-life crisis.
"Whoa, check out the MLC!" or "We have an MLC in progress!"
by The Inner Circle February 19, 2004
merry little christmas, as in "have one", normally used in a more derogatory fashion, reserved for email or text messaging
Jane: Look, its over.

Joe: Fine. Have an mlc :)
by ovits December 21, 2005
Methodist Ladies' College.
One of the best schools in Melbourne, second onli to plc.
Lost of hot chicks...
A: man, we gots a 2hr break, and its around 12.30. wat do u wanna do ?

B: lets walk down to mlc, its around their lunch time

by Lycanthropy May 23, 2005
A crazy ass crew that's down for their shit.
Don't Fuck with them.
Established in 2004 in the city of Carson.
Mucha Leche Clicka
Steve: George messed with MLC and now he's concussed.
by xTwoToneTypical May 29, 2009

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