means Mother-in-Law.
"My m.i.l is crazy!" or "My m.i.l is very rich."
by militarywife October 31, 2007
a coniving, two-faced, BITCH who manipulates your husband into becoming a baby again, so that she can make him hate you the way that she does...a trouble maker, a nuissance to your peaceful marriage...someone who should not know about your personal life because she will go and gossip about you to the whole church and tell them how awful you are at treating her babyish son. your husband's mom..the one person that you can truly live without!
MIL to church: "my daughter in law hates me, it makes me so sad."

MIL to her own sisters: "i hate my daughter in law..she can't even do things half as good as I can. i told her that I don't care if she doesn't love me cuz she's just an outsider"
by JAN.OE September 22, 2011
Doing/being a 'mil' applies to 2 things ...

#1 Being a prick/arsewhole/etc etc to someone.

#2 Harassing someone either sexually or bullying.
The other kids at school keeping miling me.
by SugarMan101 January 31, 2011
mil or (emilio) a a common name in irving ,tx usa .mil is the cool guys that sitts around and says nutin and gets alot of ass .mil is usually the badass of the gruop (hes usually the strongest too)
by mill-emilio-academy March 04, 2009
Short for million in online games. It is sometimes used instead of the letter m to also reduce the amount of zeros one has to type.
"I sold my item for 110 mil!
by Dark_Loki October 30, 2006
Mother I'd Like {to} Scissor; i.e. the lesbian variant on MILF (Mother I'd Like {to} Fuck). Certainly, a number of lesbians would prefer to fuck the moms, but are relegated to Scissoring due to gender specific incompatibilities.
"... and although Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis were both nominated for best actress after co-starring in Thelma and Louise, everyone knows that Geena... whoa! There goes a MILS!!!"

"What? Where? Huh?"

"Sexy 'b' pushing the stroller... I've got to rub it on and against her, crotch-wise..."

"How? What?"

"That Mom, I'd scissor the piss out of her... that's what we'd do - knock back an 18-wheeler of High Life's, scissor, then hit the road on my Honda Valkyrie and talk LPGA all the way from Ocean City to Bakersfield... "
by bzbr July 02, 2009
The three keys you must press at the same time in Wolfenstein 3D to lose all of your points, but gain full health and weapons.
Dude you're about to die, M-I-L, M-I-L!!!!
by who's high pitch? January 25, 2005

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