Top Definition
Mung Grundle
Man Gazer
Man Grazer
Masterbates Green Berets
Marine Guzzler
Man Gina
Manhole Greaser
Mostly Gay
Master Gaylord
Man Gobbler
Meat Gazer
Man Gargler
Meat Groper
Marine Groper
Merry Gay
Mister Gayness
Man-aise Guzzler
Military Gay
Man Gaybie
Multiple Goatse's
Maximum Goatse
Man Grubber
Maximum Gayness
Master Gaylord
Munging Gladly
Man Gland
Massages Gooches
Man-kinds Gay-lord
Man Glove
Man-slammin Geek
Master Gay-ter (one who masturbates gays)

Any two "M" and "G" words, that are gay, followed by the name Gordon.
You are gay like MG Gordon!
#mg #gordon #gay #mg gordon #homosexual
by Braden "The Real MG" Gordon March 26, 2011
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