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The name of an album released by the band Zebrahead
MFZB means "Mother Fucking Zebrahead, Bitch"

Dude, I just downloaded Zebrahead's entire album!!!
Whick one?!?!?!
by Chris Brookens January 13, 2008
43 4

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The best album by the best band ever, Zebrahead!

From "Rescue Me" to "Dear You" This album will keep you entertained for years to come.
Jim: Dude have you heard Zebrahead's album MFZB?

Dude: no.

Jim: well what are we waiting for, lets go listen to it now!

Dude: WOW this is awesome. I love Zebrahead!
by Chris Dryden July 24, 2008
24 10