Master Finger Frigger,a code for a person who is very good at using his fingers to provide satisfying stimulation of the female clitoris, concluding in orgasm
Do you want some M.F.F tonight baby?
That was some good M.F.F last night you stud!
by Flanman September 17, 2007
Top Definition
A threesome that involves a male and two females. Usually, the guy is inn the middle. One woman is banging the guy, while the other has her muff in the guy's face, getting it licked.
The pornographic text was labelled MFF.
by Giannico August 16, 2003
Short form of Male Fuck Friend. It's used between homosexual males describing a firend who they have sex with but usually not in love with them.
My MFF was amazing last night.
by Mörtinkél November 13, 2011
Mother Fucking Friday
Other forms: MFM - Mother Fucking Monday, MFT - Mother Fucking Thursday

Used to emphesize that it's a good friday, or something great is going to be happening.
WOOT! It's MFF!!! I'm getting a 1/2 pound of weed tonight!!!
by filllx November 03, 2007
Stands for Mr. or Mrs. Fartty Farterson
Yo dawg my homegirl farted on me, damn MFF.
by George Hoefer April 29, 2005
MFF + Manditory Fat Freind.... You ever notice that in group of hot girls there is ne that if Fat... The reason is so the rest of the girls look better and it makes them stand out...
"Look at all the hot girls in that group." "Yeah but they have a MFF"
by Will March 13, 2005
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