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Media Tarts are known to sit behind a computer well into the early hours researching a variety of news and topics to write on their media tart blog or magazine, or on social media.

A media tart is a seasoned, knowledgeable journalist, usually female who writes across all genres of media.
it's 4am - Where's the Media Tart? She's probably writing her media tart blog and fallen asleep on the computer.

Whenever you have a question about international affairs, the best person to go to for an objective viewpoint is a Media Tart, she would have done plenty of research for her articles.
by Madame Chameleon February 05, 2013
a female journalist who works across all spectrums of medias rather than just one genre. Media Tarts tend to be international and are able to write about a large array of topics whether for news magazines, professional journals, blogs, social media, tv or corporate literature.
When you're looking for a journalist to host a debate on a variety of topics, it's best to look for a Media Tart.

If you want to get news out to all media outlets, go and find a media tart, she'll ooint you in the right direction and even write your script.
by Mr James Bond 007 February 04, 2013