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A clever and verbose underground rapper who waxes poetic about such diverse (and taboo) topics as having sex with dead babies, putting a butt mask on a monkey and calling it a 'buttape', and tenticle rape hentai. MC Nutsackersaurus is known for his six syllable rapping style, and has been called 'sick', 'unrivaled' and 'jawesome' by the underground music press. Check out his soon-to-be unleashed live show, where he will rock monkey buttholes all over the western United States. Wud to you momma.
I rock monkey buttholes like a monkey butthole rocker, I kick testicules like I was playing motherfucking soccer, I didn't wipe my butt good enough this morning, my diarrhea's a river and islands are forming! wud wud
by everybody's stupid but me August 24, 2003
a dinosaur in the paleolithic era, known 4 heriditary genitial elaphantitis, all know fossils have been stolen by Amelia G. after the infamous cucumber famine of 2002
a bird, a plane, a giant nutsac
by dr. CHAOS October 18, 2003
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