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a nancy boy or queer; a member of the "homogenized persuasion," an unadulterated, unmitigated, bred-in-the-bone, dyed-in-the wool, etched-in-stone
cruiser on the chocolate freeway.
Greenwich Village is the official "faggot capital of the world," so I am told, and features a plethora of mattress-munching cackpipe cosmonauts!
by weave September 07, 2003
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A "Mattress muncher" is predominately male and of the same sex perswation, having said that its not totaly necessary as long as one male or female is face down munching a mattress with something hard entering a lubricated hole, it could be any hole as long as there is a mattress and a person face down in that mattress.
She was face down taking it hard from behind, she was "mattress muncher" or more commonly used, Elton john, what a "mattress munching" homosexual. Not to be used solely in a negative way but to explain a certain style, having said that its a good cuss, piss off you matress munching bell end, possibly from the Brighton area in the uk.
by Witmond April 14, 2013
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