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A discharge of semen or cumshot so powerful it levelled half of Berlin. Contrary to popular belief, this extraordinary procedure was first performed by David Hasselhoff after his station in Berlin during world war 2 when it was invaded. His infantry squadron had run out of ammunition. As the tale goes, he unzipped himself, let out a rabid yelp, and a bright stream of incredible force shot from his hips with such raw power that in under 30 seconds, approximately fifty five percent of Berlin lay in ruin.

Due to Berlin's strategic position, many scholars argue that it is the reason Germany lost the second world war.
"To this day, my grandma still fears the massive german cumshot. She has nightmares about it 40 years after the fact."

"Franz, I really wish Hasselhoff had been more accurate with his MASSIVE GERMAN CUMSHOT."

"Wow, Hasselhoff's massive German cumshots really put those sperm whales to shame."
by Lloyd Irving January 18, 2007
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