A group of friends who are men that have a Nacho's night.
"Hey mate, i got a few guys together for a Mancho's night, you keen?"

"Get over here it's Mancho's time!"
by BustaBanga September 06, 2011
Top Definition
Manchos are the masculine version of nachos.

The basic manchos consists of tortilla chips and shredded cheese, but advanced versions may consist of chili, refried beans, or what ever else the man can find.

Manchos are extremely popular with bachelors, teenage boys, and men left home alone for any period of time.

They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I'm gonna eat manchos until my wife comes back from her business trip in three days.
by TC Va May 20, 2010
I beef. Manchoes.

Such as 'to beef manchoes' or 'i beef. manchoes', when always seperated by a period in the statement form. It is what always has been.
"Damn, Ryan Howe was all 'I Beef' and i was like 'manchoes' and it was all like 'i beef. manchoes'"
by Dar Lazdin herself January 31, 2005
semen and or ejaculate
cum spunk splooge nut mancho
by m929j November 08, 2009

A smart young desi character whoz CRAZZY in LOVEEE w/hiss one and onlyy Meethiii-G ;). There is not ONE SECOND that goes by when he doesnt think of her. He may have said the 3 letter word to some1 else once before, however he did not mean it because he was young, immature, and stupid. Meethi jee may not have to believe him, but he can go his whole life knowing she's the only one.

He is sorry :(.
Mancho Loves Meethi VERYY muchh!
by Mansoorii February 01, 2006
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