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A non-white Hispanic from Latin America. MAMB is an acronym for "Mestizos, Amerindians, Mulattos and Blacks," signifying non-white Hispanics from Latin America. Since the term 'Hispanic' is ambiguous, some bloggers have begun to use MAMB, as most of those entering the United States illegally would be considered MAMBs. For instance, the CIA World Fact Book figures Mexico to be: 60% Mestizo, 30% Amerindian, and less than 10% European (Spaniard). Regarding the make up of mestizos, Rubén Lisker analyzed DNA markers of lower-class mestizos from Mexico City and found them to be: 59% Amerindian, 34% European (Spaniard), and 6% Black (African).
"Nearly all the illegals crossing the Rio Grande are MAMBs."
#hispanic #mestizo #latino #chicano #amerindian #mulatto
by Señorita2 October 21, 2011
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