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short for - My Anaconda Don't Want None.

pronounced Mah-Dohn (o as in don't; dwn like pwn)

used to express severely -not- wanting to have sex with a girl because she seems crazy, a bitch, or likely to be disease infested.
do. not. want.
especially when a girl does something off-putting or crazy in an attempt to arouse.
Bro: "Dude, that hot chick is looking at you"

Normal Guy: "which one?"

Bro: "the one with the glassy eyes that just stuffed her fist in her mouth and is slapping herself in the face."

Normal Guy: "oh, yuck. MADWN."

Bro: "mine does. i'm gonna go talk to her."
by ComradeWinston August 09, 2012
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