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When someone is passionately pissed off, angry, irate or upset.
1) Dan is Mad Chad because we're out of Schnapps

2) Nathan is Mad Chad because we are out of limes

3) Dan is Mad Chad because the DJ banned us from Stereo

4) Nathan Is Chadded Out because he saw some tard macking his girl. Mad Chad!
by G-Ryder April 14, 2010
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1. When a chad gets fisted by another chad and then the chad being fisted gives the other a hot carl. Both are usually extremely drunk giving their faces a red tint that makes them look mad.

2. A person named Chad who is upset or angry.
Example 1: Dude he totally got a Mad Chad... you can tell by the way he is waddling like a mentally challenged duck.

Example 2: Chad was pretty pissed off when he heard about his cat's grave being used as home plate.
by Papa Cherry69 August 16, 2009
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