n. A failed attempt at constructing an English sentence. Usually ungrammatical, nonsensical, or just plain awkward.

v. The action of constructing such a mop.

moppy, adj: describes a sentence or passage which has characteristics common to a mop.
1. (noun) The paper I proofread for a classmate was full of mops.
2. (noun) My translation of this passage is a total mop.
3. (verb) I mopped the last part of the exam because I ran out of time.
4. (adjective) I finished the paper, but it was a little moppy.
by A. Nonny Mouse March 22, 2007
Morbidly Obese Person
Haha look at the M.O.P he can't even walk!
by alexmojo2 May 09, 2007
For reasons still unknown, the funniest fucking word ever.
"Hey! Check out that mop! Ahahahaha!!"
by Spacecow March 08, 2003
master of pull-out. Timing it so that you pull out of her before you bust a nut.
Yo, I don't need to use a condom, I'm the M.O.P.
by chicago2212 November 07, 2006
Well theres this boy that goes to my skool and he has a "MOP" (of hair) so like me and my mate kelsi call him mop and like wen we see him we are like mop mop mop mop mop mop mop!!! so yea!!!
Well theres mini mop aka regan, then theres mega mop aka ben and then theres MOP aka sam now he is the like the shit of the MOPS!
by Katherine May 20, 2004
moms and pops added together; parent;father and mother
made it up myself
yo the mops are coming home tonight
by ali abdalla February 23, 2005
Mop: to beat up or fuck somebody, or just fucking shit up
Brah i just mopped this hoe.
Brah I'm going to mop sesh this spring break.
by the andre February 26, 2015

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