The coolest person in the world.

if u know mop or are friends with her, then u must be cool.

If someone brags about something they have, you say "i know mop" and it shuts them down because there is nothing better to say.
Narelle: "OMG i got with the hottest guy in the world yesterday!"

Allanah: "well im friends with MOP!"
by Lilly amazon May 26, 2009
hell of a lot of hair. mad flo.
that kid has a mop dude
by dfsjklfjkdlkfasdkfsk November 23, 2005
"Mop" has many definitions, the most recent being, "to leave." Use it in place of "dip."
Ayo, I'm bout to mop. Holla at me later
by SerialLover December 19, 2004
Someone who continuously says idiotic terms and is not very bright
Damn, she looks like a mop
by Kloun October 17, 2003
A bowl shaped haircut that is extremely amusing.
Denis'hey look at that wally with the mop'
Steve 'That's Chris'
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
1. Any and all Jews. Especially the money crazed, mountain nosed Jews.

2. Anyone who acts like a mop, but isn't actually a Jew
Stop being such a mop and put that money down
by MOPOFTHEEARTH April 11, 2008
Shorthand for Master Of Puppets the best metallica album and IMO their best song
sweet mop is playing
by tyler February 10, 2005

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