a hot girl who is blonde or other light colored hair, of petite or model like proportions
Yo Dude check out that mop over there, she's must be a 10
by scorpion:P December 14, 2009
when u fight a bitch, and you drag her by her hair... like a mop.
damn, we was fightin' the bitch, and then i mopped that bitch all up on that floor
by katertot10 October 16, 2008
OH MY GOD!!! a mop cannot be defined any other way than an extremely fit hairstyle 4 guys, never for chavs, which is quite long, below ears and above neck. a guy with a mop can be described as a mopper (see mopperluvers description on the mopper page)
that fit guy over there is such a fit mop!!
by Lozta September 08, 2005
ok it means something like a bumm. like a person who screws somthing up but its funny.
at the courts playin ball

(kid misses)

: yo man look at that mop miss that easy ass shot
: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
by Lunch$Money March 27, 2005
"Mop" has many definitions, the most recent being, "to leave." Use it in place of "dip."
Ayo, I'm bout to mop. Holla at me later
by SerialLover December 19, 2004
when u get hit and get knocked the fuck out
yo jeanna just got mopped
by sabrina November 28, 2003
"you seen the fight?"
"yeah, i herd john mopped him"
by chalklate December 18, 2002
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