ok it means something like a bumm. like a person who screws somthing up but its funny.
at the courts playin ball

(kid misses)

: yo man look at that mop miss that easy ass shot
: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
by Lunch$Money March 27, 2005
when u fight a bitch, and you drag her by her hair... like a mop.
damn, we was fightin' the bitch, and then i mopped that bitch all up on that floor
by katertot10 October 16, 2008
The best name for a dog, besides Dippy. Mops is a dog. Durr.
Wtf? That dog has mop-looking hair. Let's name it Mops!
by theloverofMOPS July 10, 2008
1. A loyal friend who won't leave your side at a party.

2. Last resort for a dance partner.
Hey, Luke and Sean are still hanging with that mop. Those guys are crazy-cool!
by Bishop's Historical Society December 07, 2004
when u get hit and get knocked the fuck out
yo jeanna just got mopped
by sabrina November 28, 2003
"you seen the fight?"
"yeah, i herd john mopped him"
by chalklate December 18, 2002
1. A term standing for "Mouth On Penis." MOP originates in a small ghetto town, Brown Deer, WI.

2. Another meaning for blowjob, oral sex (on males), etc.
"Dude, I just got the best MOP ever!"
"Man! That was supposed to be my MOP!!"
by miss_thang69 July 06, 2009

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