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A term used largely by gay men and drag queens that simply means "to steal or take without asking or buying." The term was coined during RuPaul's Drag Race Season Three.
Person 1: How much money we got between us befoe we go into the store, gir?

Person 2: idk, but whatever we can't afford we can just mop gir
by mslarue May 21, 2013
mop stands for Morbidly Obese Person someone who fat people call fat. If you were a mop and fell down you would not be able to get back up easily because you are too round.
Look at the mop unable to make it through the door because they are too big.
by Twolizard October 21, 2011
airhead. person with no capacity of thinking and no skills for doing something right. its appearance is that like the one from an afroman.
that mop screw my computer, fucker...
Mop asks: does XX means the 20th century?
by korky October 12, 2004
(Adj) A slang term for something of a positive nature. Opposite of Buckets
That hat is totally mop.
by RevJeff January 22, 2011
1. A hippie-style broom

2. Cops who work at the mall. Their primary job is to make sure people get lost and wind up in more stores.
1. My mother uses a mop when she cleans.

2. If you ask a mop for directions, you are sure to end up at every store except the one you're looking for.
by Lunaselenemoonagain January 03, 2011
Acronym for "make out potential." Usually used to describe a desirable partner that is sighted at a bar or a party. A group of women known as a MOP Squad, are on the prowl looking for MOP's (guys to kiss or hook-up with).
How is it at that place, any MOP's there?
by pleasepassthehotness February 05, 2010
a thing which you use to clean up liquid spills
i just spilled my milk...better get the mop
by bob March 14, 2005