noun (metaphoric);
An unkempt or razzy head of hair (esp. in reference to hair that is long or "big").
Restless and fidgeting, Caleb tousled his black mop.
by AimentDuLune March 14, 2009
Motherfucker Operating Poorly
Stop standing around like a Mop and count this money
by Jackson Blue May 11, 2014
Part of speech:noun-head; oral sex
Yo, that ho gives mad mops.
by Bizalls May 20, 2005
Someone with ugly hair that looks like those string mops janitors use
Look at that guy's hair! He's such a mop.
by Slippy Slippy Sir February 15, 2013
Member of Public
The MOP who’d reported the offence had sounded either demented, or on drugs, or something – but definitely not one hundred per cent in touch with reality. -- "Halting State" by Charles Stross
by Jabster January 11, 2012
to get a good blow job, or head
that girls gives good mop.
by na92 November 29, 2007
A term used largely by gay men and drag queens that simply means "to steal or take without asking or buying." The term was coined during RuPaul's Drag Race Season Three.
Person 1: How much money we got between us befoe we go into the store, gir?

Person 2: idk, but whatever we can't afford we can just mop gir
by mslarue May 21, 2013

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