noun (metaphoric);
An unkempt or razzy head of hair (esp. in reference to hair that is long or "big").
Restless and fidgeting, Caleb tousled his black mop.
by AimentDuLune March 14, 2009
A gun with an extended clip replacing the standard magazine. A mop (sometimes referred to as 'mopstick') holds 30.
Person 1: Ran down the block with the mop last night. Had to clean shit up.

Person 2: Niggas turned the block to a runway huh?
by J.Bandz January 29, 2016
Member of Public
The MOP who’d reported the offence had sounded either demented, or on drugs, or something – but definitely not one hundred per cent in touch with reality. -- "Halting State" by Charles Stross
by Jabster January 11, 2012
Someone with ugly hair that looks like those string mops janitors use
Look at that guy's hair! He's such a mop.
by Slippy Slippy Sir February 15, 2013
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