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Unlike the Abbriviation for Milf (Mom I'd LIke to F***) MMILF means Married Man I'd Like to Fondle
Todd: Hey M.M.I.L.F.
Joe: Don't call me that
by JIMSOAWESOME August 02, 2011
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My Mother I'd Like to F*%$. After the recent arrest and sentencing of Ailmee L. Sword for having sex with her biological son, and the posting of her mug shot, its obvious that the son felt that she was "MMILF."
The son of Aimee L. Sword felt that she was MMILF.
by Ben_Ben July 13, 2010
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My Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck
My mom is so hot I'd like to fuck her myself. She's a M.M.I.L.F (She's a Double M.I.L.F)
by UrbanShadow August 24, 2006
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