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When you introduce your lover, but don't wish to convey too much information about the exact status of your relationship, use this euphemism blur the distinction:
"Mom, Dad, this Cate, we are... er... m'friends" -or- "Hello Reverend. Have you meet my m'friend, Catherine"?
by MadDave August 09, 2010
2009 word to replace friend-with-benefits since it's too long, conspicuous and pretentious.

Its ambiguity can be used to misdirect or cover a friend you haven't quite decided to allot into either the friend or f* category.

The "m" can be silent or dragged for varying degrees of honesty, deception, coyness, bashfulness, chastity, or modesty.

1) silent m
2) quick m
3) long m
1) "Dude she's got a bum you just want to destroy, but she's also your student. You could get fired."
"Yeh, she's just a mfriend."

2) "Didn't get lucky tonight but thank God for my mmfriend."

3) "She's an uhmm...friend. She's hella hot but I hate how she talks with food in her mouth."
by geentee July 12, 2010
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