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Méabh is an Irish name (Maeve being the English spelling) it means intoxicating. usually for a red curly haired girl ( tale of queen Méabh of Connacht) with green eyes ( true Irish girl) They are usually a bit mad ( in a good way though) spelling variations: Méabh, Maeve, Meabhdh, Meibh.
People called Méabh are named so because of their true Irishness; Red hair and green eyes
by FarmerDore:P August 13, 2011
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irish version of meave. means full of life and normally has blonde long curly hair. is great fun but can go over the top sometimes.
random person: hey méabh, why do you spell your name weird?
méabh: its not weird its irish. kiss me im irish!
by hippy trippy October 18, 2009

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