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1. n. The state of mind gained from LSD.

2. n. An acid flashback.

3. n. A task or action that is simultaneously divine and destructive.
1. I'm starting to feel the lysergia wash over me.

2. "Why are you staring at the wall?"
"The lysergia, man, it's fuckin' sweet."

3. It occured to me at that moment that I could only understand death if I tasted it, so I slit my wrists, and then the visions came.
by Twilight Veil May 04, 2004
The mythical land one visits when indulging in LSD.
Upon my last visit to Lysergia, I couldn't wait to leave. Her landscape had become barren; her people were suspicious and fearful.
by Dr. Johnson May 06, 2004
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