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a play off of dyslexic. usually used when referring to someone being tongue tied.
person1: "Let's go catch a movie."
person2:"I'll buy popcron."
person1:"dude, your soo lysdexic."
by www.duh May 03, 2010
Someone who has Lysdexia}
Dude, you just screwed up that sentence, you must be lysdexic.
by Mr.Biggles December 05, 2003
what dyslexics people call their condition.
noob: FTSU
un-noob: WTF???
noob: sorry im lysdexic
by Dragon5 August 30, 2007
around numbers sometimes get people words & mixed ;)
lysdexic people don't smell properly
by dave smurf August 23, 2006