A verbal expression imitating, and thus demonstrating, the physical manifestation of dyslexia phonetically.
"I suffer from lysdexia"
"Please excuse my momentary lysdexia, what I meant to say was...."
by Nimblegrin March 26, 2010
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A humorous way of saying Dyslexia, with some stereotypical misspellings.
I think George the data-entry guy has lysdexia; he can never type in numbers correctly.
by Justin Akehurst July 01, 2003
1. The dyslexic way to say dyslexia
2. The Yoda Way to say it
I'm lysdexic, lysdexia have I.
by Popie. February 24, 2009
A condition where one can read words correctly but spells or speaks them in a jumbled manner.
"I can't wait to visit Yew Nork!" "OMG! You have lysdexia!"
by robotterror July 08, 2009
!!aixelsyd sah hsuB egroeG A problem where you yas/epyt/od everything wordsback.
Im lysdexic not! Dyslexics of the world... UNTIE!!
by sbbuhC June 10, 2003

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