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Fabulous, fun 925 Sterling Silver jewellery without the flabbergasting price tag attached.

Lux Silver sprees are typically a natural female over-reaction to:

a) A nasty break-up with a single-celled moronic buffoon.
b) Celebratory occasions ie: discovering your high school nemesis is fat and ugly (thank you Fbook).
c) Ecstatic news ie: the blood tests were negative.
d) Terrible news ie: your in-laws are coming.

Lux Silver sprees have proven to be highly effective when exacting hockey-husband revenge, or when seeking PMS relief without the calories.

Also known to be a very healthy alternative to murdering your in-laws.

Put down the knife...and pamper yourself!
I indulge my bling-fetish with Lux Silver therapy.
by The Urban Chick June 25, 2011
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