cute, informal way of saying i love you. said when saying goodbye. especially to go on the end of text messages
in a text message "call u l8er.. luvies"

speaking " ok luvies bye"
by DrKim March 05, 2005
Top Definition
Short for Luvkiran.
Person with this name usually has a shit personality and does not care about others; always selfish.

The following words can be used to describe a Luvy:
- Attention whoring
- Selfish
- Over-dramatic
- Lying
- Back-Stabbing
- Whore
- Two-Faced
- Bitch

Highly offensive word used only in extremes to describe another with disrespect.

This word can also be used as a Noun:
Guy 1:
dude, do you know her?

Guy 2:
Ya man, but shes a real Luvy. You don't want anything to do with her man.

Guy 1:
wow... shes that bad man?

Guy 2:
yea... shes a real real luvy alright.
by goodgoodgoodgood October 24, 2011
a name you call people when your talking to them.

plural form of 'Luv'

name you call a bunch of people who you love (like friends or family)
On Twitter:

'I really got to go to bed. Good Night luvies!'
by SwagginGirl November 26, 2011
A chill chick;

-Long blonde hair
-big red lips.
-Usually white.
Dude thats your girlfriend....Dude shes a luvy.
by Mandy rosett May 22, 2010
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