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A brotherhood similar to the knights of Camelot, they are a force to be reckoned with in Hillsborough County Florida. Most known for throwing exceptionally amazing parties, having lots of sex, and fighting. These 16-19 year old men are almost all white and very privileged as well as highly educated and very very attractive. They are composed of the lutz drug kingpens and the future of the United States' international drinking team to say the very least. To become a lutz goon you must present a five paragraph essay explaining how you would be an asset to the group. The famous slogan they use is " one swing we all swing."
Girl: " I just wish you were a part of the Lutz Goons Rod, then I'd actually believe that you are a fighter and a ladies man."

Rod: " it's not that easy, those kids scare me right down to my knickers."

Girl: " Wow they aren't lying, you are such a pussy."
by Quiza June 10, 2013

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