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This is a term of creepy, scary internet trolls, who live in their mothers basement. Usually fits those who use creepy eye avatars.
Did you see what that freaky Lurking Murk posted today? You know the one with the avatar of his/her eyes?
#lurk #lurking #troll #murk #creep #creepy #eyes #avatar
by concerned urban citizen August 25, 2009
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A beady eyed spy who relies on honey bees and other type of insects to do his dirty work. This creature is so disgusting it will never say anything outright, just dole out a crapload of cryptic comments. There is no way to get rid of a lurking murk except by ignorance. Many people don't believe in its existence until they meet one eye to eye.
If you ignore a lurking murk it will disappear, just like fairies.
#lurking #murk #honey #bee #spy
by Nightmare123 August 25, 2009
(n): An annoying rash that starts with minor itching, usually on the solar plexus, and then spreads rapidly throughout the nervous system upon repeated exposure to the CCfortwit bacterium. Ingestion of honey during infection tends to intensify its effects, often leading to involuntary outbursts similar to Turret’s Syndrome. No known cure, although elimination of exposure to the bacterium will usually reduce symptoms to minor residual rashes and irritation.
Oh no! This Lurking Murk has spread again! Maybe I just need to relax and stop reading so much.
#lurking #murk #honey #infection #rash
by bwahahaha93 August 26, 2009
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