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Wounds that form inside your lungs after smoking the "down town brown" or another type of low grade marijuana through a blunt. It usually takes 4 or more consecutive blunts of nasty mersh to begin developing lung scabs. What happens is that the dirty bud smoke rips away at your lung tissue and gross resin forms on your lungs, as the resin begins to fall off your lungs, they try to heal but further smoking blunts will impede the healing process forming what is infamously known as lung scabs.
Hippie 1: we smoked like 10 blunts of down town brown at that party last night...

Hippie 2: *coughing up goo and gunk chunks on floor* UGHhhhh

Hippie 1: Look those lung scabs!

Hippie 2: I think im about to die, Fuck your mersh
#mersh #down town brown #lung scabs #diseases #cancer #death #hangover #blunts
by Dratini June 30, 2011
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