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Similar to a tequila shot (salt tequila lime), but just more manly, and done with a group of people. First everyone likes their left hand and pours pancake mix on it (the salt). Then the first person in line lifts their right hand in to the air at about a 45 degree angle and yells “YOO HOOOOOO,” lick the pancake mix off their hand takes a bottle of syrup and chugs (tequila). When that lumberjack has had enough syrup they pass the bottle to the next person in line, then takes and chugs from communal milk bowl (lime). When the second person receives the syrup they start with the “YOO HOOOOOO.” This process continues until all the lumberjacks in the group have gone. It is also the responsibility of the last lumberjack in the line to make sure that the syrup and the milk bowl are both killed.
when doing lumberjack shots, his crew mates were all weak, so Darb had to man up and down half a bottle of syrup and a bowl full of milk by him self
by bradthebarbarian December 13, 2009
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