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A butch lesbian. The opposite of a lipstick lesbian.

Lumberjack lesbians are characterized by their manly physique, hairy armpits and their love of flannel.

Many of them work as truckers, loggers and other outdoorsy type occupations.

Can easily be mistaken for a real lumberjack.
Girl 1:Oh my god, did you see that guy back there? He was hitting on me like crazy!

Girl 2: You mean that girl?

Girl 1: What? I'm talking about the big hairy guy in the flannel.

Girl 2: Yeah, that was a lumberjack lesbian.

Girl 1: Oh my gawd. I am feeling so homophobic right now. I could've been raped.

Girl 1: Yeah, with biceps like that, she so could've had her way with you.
by Nabear91 March 24, 2010
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