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A Luke Gold is a person who can sometimes be very funny but often only really when people are laughing at him, not with him. Often smelling of sweat and eating burger king, a Luke Gold's common habitat is around North London in the various discount clothing stores and shopping centres. Another common trait of Luke Golds are premature facial aging, with wrinkles and baldness occuring at as young an age as 4 years old. All Luke Golds are descended from the same man, born in 652 AD, called Marshallion Davies
Dude No1: Yeah met this guy the other day, he was such a Luke Gold...
Dude No2: No waaaay...
Dude No1: Yeah, i know, he had this little stubble which he thought made him look like he was in his 30s...i could have sworn he was without his hair and all...but turns out he was only 17
by JebediahStrutt March 19, 2009
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