a name originating from L. Ron Hubbard's book of "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" . This name refers to the infamous space pirate el lukas the shit instigator. It is prophesized that el lukas is to dispose of tom cruise with the use of a penis stired, cyanide laced, margarita. he than proceeds to detonate cruise's first born child, not only for fun but because the baby is prophesized as the next anti christ. katie homes impressed by this lavish display of organized recklessness surrenders to her hedonistic desires towards the stunningly handsome pirate. after many unimaginable nights of delight, she is also detonated. this time purely for fun.

these series of events lead to a revolution stretching across the universe. reviving the once banal and insipid planet known as earth, and bringing candy and nun chuks to all children and czechoslovakian candle makers.

thus the term lukas refers to anyone influencing change, or events.
"dont touch that, your such a lukas"

"you shat in the roller derby trophy? what a lukas"

"he was great leader, an essential lukas"
by westpanio August 01, 2006
Top Definition
An extremely handsome man, very intelligent, with an impeccable personality. He's truly a very special guy and once you get to know him, he'll cease to amaze you each day with his rare brilliant heart. Incredibly handsome, sensual, talented and has a deep interest in the universe which'll inspire you to learn too. He'll change your world to make it better. He's always there to lend you strength , hope during hardship. He might not think he's worthy of the world, but truth to be told, he deserves much more, he deserves the universe. An uber funny guy, he will make you laugh with his addictive humour. He loves music and receives peace from lyrics and melodies. His love's incredible. He may not show it, but he is a super loving and passionate person. He may appear withdrawn, but you must take time to know him because he will make your life a better place. His love is heartfelt and sincere, that no amount can feel too much. He will stun you with how much he cares. He's the man you can't imagine life without. He's person you'll spend your days thinking about, wanting to speak to, care for, be there for. He's been through so much yet has a fighting spirit. You will adore, admire and love him. He should never be hurt or upset only protected. You'll want to be there for him through thick and thin no matter what.. A man like this will make you feel like you've never felt before. You'll want to be everything he desires so you can always see him happy some more.
That guy is simply amazing, how could you ever hurt someone like Lukas?

He's just a such a sweet guy he must be Lukas.

He might not always believe, but Lukas deserves the universe.

Luckas is amazing, you are bound to fall in love with Lukas.
by icareforyou11love May 23, 2010
A deviously handsome, intelligent, fun loving guy. Often hailing from eastern European countries, he is full of personality and will always be there for you if you need it. He is incredibly good with the ladies and always drives less superior men insane because of this. His laugh makes everyone around him feel a little happier. His gaze is inescapable and his body is one that a God should envy.
Chick one: DAMN! Look at that guy! He`s such a Luka!
by insertmynamehere January 19, 2011
A specimen found to be both German and Asian, known to chase wildly at anyone who crosses its path, it has the craziness of a German, but the smartness of an Asian.
O' shit, hide - It's Lukas!
BEWARE! Lukas.
by AntzNZ April 29, 2007
A knight in shining armour. A rare gem among men. Respectful, charming, and quietly intelligent. Confident without ego. Witty with a dry sense of humour. Easy to be around and share time with. Everybody likes him. He's everybody's mate. Real husband material. Any girl's dream man.
There are just no good men anymore. I wish I could find a Lukas.
by Liddlechicken December 08, 2011
a man known to get alot of poon and is also known to attract women of the sexiest nature. A man described as lukas chases away grotesque women with chimp-like features, he will then proceed to spread apart his buttcheeks to mark his territory, then he will clamp his buttcheeks to the womans face, until she begs for release or loses the will to live any longer. IN SHORT: JUST A PLAINLY SEXY AND EXCITING MAN
wow, you were such a lukas last night, you clamped ure asscheeks to at least three chicks, you are also wanted for three murders, what a coincidence...
by lukas the god of fertility September 13, 2008
A form of South African slang. Used to express joy or satisfaction at something or someone
Guy 1: Hey man, how is everything with work?
Guy 2: Everything is luka
by roadfighter April 20, 2009
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