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*A post-whore on a message board.

*Someone who posts messages with the intent of increasing his or her own post count.

*Luigiman, of the internet messageboard, LUE2.com, which stands for, "Life, the Universe, and Everything." Known primarily for being a post-whore, a bastard, the Lyzard's rival, saying "LIEEEZ!" a lot, and for being Opium21's bitch.
"Have you ever tried one one Luigiman's period milkshakes?"
by a LUEser September 12, 2004
19 26

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A great gamer, and website desingner.
Luigiman is a gamer.
by Migul January 15, 2005
23 20
1. One that postwhores

2. See post whore.
Luigiman is such a post whore.
by Hoyt September 12, 2004
10 26