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A town full of hicks, blacks and some pretty badass people. there is a amazing resturant called san joses. thats about it.. also our rec department sucks dick. there you have it... the town of lugoff,sc.
country people in Lugoff, SC
#lugoff #luggof #lugodd #hicks #san joses
by A 69ing Chipmunk May 26, 2011
A town full of rednecks, goones, whites, niggers and romens. there is one place to eat and that is san jose. we have a terrrible rec league. the baseball players get tshirts instead of jerseys. if you dont like to not be blinded by stupidity... DONT COME HERE. Other than that. It's a pretty good town.
"Lugoff,SC is such a good and bad town"

I know right, there is Jay...bad and parker...good.
#nigger #parker #jay #lugoff #san jose
by Gogan4 May 29, 2011
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