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when a girl lubes up a man the wrong way and he is overcome with fury he takes his lubed hard dick and smacks the bitch across the face with it until she bleeds (if no blood occurs punching works) then the male smears his cum and her blood plus the extra lube all over her face for mere entertainment then he proceeds to chant LUGA LUGA LUGA at her until she runs away while he will then proceed to chase her peeing all over her.
{on the streets of New York City}

1st Pedestrian (male): That was a nice movie.
2nd Pedestrian (male): Yes it was nice.
Woman: (screaming and running)
Man: (chasing woman) LUGA LUGA LUGA!!!
Woman: No more luga!
2nd Pedestrian: The ending was pretty predictable though.
by Maury Balls July 29, 2007
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