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Lucy Lin, a little cute girl with beautiful eyes, dazzling smile. She's intense, you will be challenged if you go after this one! She is everybody's type. By far one of the most out-going little girl you will ever meet. She is THE one. She is smart, sophisticated, remarkably witty. She's gorgeous and talented so often she doesn't realize just how beautiful and charming she is. She is a gym-bunny. Lucy is intelligent, sophisticated, kind and the best sort of friend. She is there for you when you're sad and gives the most amazing hugs. She is funny without knowing it and has a head full of amazing stories. Lucy Lin is the most compassionate person, an animal lover. Lucy can be shy, plays a little coy and wants to be left alone, but once she lets you in she will make you happier than you ever realized. Lucy Lin, the girl of every man's dreams. She sets the bar so high no one's been able to reach out completely. She's the kind that will make it through anything(and I mean anything and everything) – or finding herself shattered to pieces again, on her knees collecting bits of her broken heart. Proceed with caution because you'll have to earn your place.
Lucy Lin, good luck on getting her phone number.
by ScottDuncan November 18, 2013
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