A man's cigarette.

Lucky Strikes won World War 2, saved America from communism, and got your dad laid. The entire country owes a debt of gratitude to this marvelous cigarette. Lucky Strikes are a taste of a bygone era.
"Grab me a pack of Lucky Strikes Phillip!"

"All sold out Tom."

"Are you serious?"


"I'll fucking kill you.............."
by DJ Gorrilla December 07, 2006
Top Definition
The finest cigarettes available, albeit in unfiltered form. Made for your pleasure by Brown and Williamson, they're toasted. Oh, and always remember, Lucky Strike means fine tobacco.
Filters are for pussies.
by Jesus August 05, 2003
awesome cigarette
hasn't changed since World War II
i got those lucky strikes that could beat your marb reds anyday
by headycheese February 15, 2006
An urban legend surrounding Lucky Strike is that one in every hundred cigarettes is actually a marijuana joint. Another version is that this was true for the packs supplied to U.S. soldiers during World War II.
Man, wouldn't it be f*ing awesome if the lucky strike legend was true?
by sadpfff January 17, 2007
An unfiltered cigarette popular in the 50's and 60's. They have a rep as the cigarette for tough guys. "Greasers" would usually have packs of them stuffed in their shirt sleeves. They lost popularity as Filtered cigarettes became common, and although they are still made today they are not very popular and also very expensive.
Many of the characters in the movie "Grease" can be seen smoking Lucky Strike cigarettes.
by Metalhead83 September 10, 2011
While screwing a waoman you pull out, cum on her face and them smack her where the cum lands.
Lucky strike facial, cumshot
by JDCKAA May 12, 2009
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