Popular gay Asian YouTube celebrity who makes rant videos about incidents or stupid ass people. Often compared to also popular YouTube personality 'itskingsleybitch' Used to be on the agayaday collab channel but recently quit for unknown reasons.
Person 1: Have you seen luanlegacy's new video? Funny ass shit man.
Person 2: I know right? Haha, you'd think he's a ghetto lady if you didn't see his face!
by personofawesomeness August 18, 2011
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Top Definition
The sassiest motherfucking, gay youtube personality under 18
Hey, did you see Luan Legacy's new video? Girl, let me tell you, if I didn't know he was asian, I woulda' mistaken him for a black woman. Fierce!
by niqbailey August 27, 2010

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