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The absolute shittiest P2P movie releaser ever.

Ltt releases generally consist of shite re-encoded scene releases.

When downloading any Ltt_Fr1 release be sure to expect terrible quality ranging from prematurely ejaculated telesyncs with 20 sec. audio/video delays to Cams appearing to having been shot while the cammer was masturbating and concurrently riding a vicious T-Rex's nut sack.

This assumption was made due to the terribly out of focus screen and heavy breathing/laughing/farting noises which perpetually drown out the actual movie audio in about every release Ltt_Fr1 pinches out.
douchebag: "Dude! Last night I just dl'd the new Ltt_Fr1 telesync of ---. I fucking love how fast he releases!"

johnredcorn: "How fast he releases into your asshole? I always knew you were gay dude."
by johnredcorn March 03, 2008