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Something you can suck on.
"Whoa, look at the size of his lozege!" or "I want the grape lozenge!"
by Geena-ish January 30, 2006
Commonly known as a sweet or tablet or a shape, it can also be confused with Beyonce Knowles' younger sister's name, Solange Knowles.
Person 1: OMG have you seen Bring It On 2? With Lozenge Knowles?
Person 2: I think you mean Solange...
by Naomi Richards October 22, 2007
To do something wrong, or to mess something up with severe consequences. Alternatively, it can be used to descirbe a shadow that is there regardless of illuminance
Oh no, I did a lozenge

Crap I got a lozenge with me

O look, theres rich and his lozenge. He really cant get away from it can he
by henryviii May 17, 2008
A sexual act when a male ejaculates into the nostrils of a female or male. While ejaculation is taking place the receiver inhales through the nose, sucking the ejaculate in through the nasal cavity and down into the throat, coating it like a lozenge.
Tina had a sore throat but couldn't afford cough drops. Her boyfriend gave her a lozenge which made them both feel much better.
by RainyDayVancouver February 22, 2011
a made up word to make my girlfriend's roomate and her boyfriend look like sillypantses for parading about the word bandaid as if it had a meaning beyond its intrinsic definition.
Raki and Matt made up the word lozenge to piss off Katie and maybe John but he probably doesn't care.
by Matt February 13, 2005