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when a group gathers and tries to compromise on an appropriate dining spot, the differences in desired cuisines leads to everyone settling on a standard diner that nobody wanted to eat at in the first place. They have settled for the lowest common de-nom-nom
Joe- who's up for chinese?
Steve- nah man. im in the mood for mexican
Danny- no thanks. I'm not in the mood for diarrhea. Italian?
Steve- Had it last night. besides, im allergic to wheat. Theres a nice steak joint down the block...
Joe- Im vegetarian, so fuck you. What about bon cuisine, down on 5th?
Danny- fuck you rich boy. I can't spend $40 on a piece of salmon. Denny's?
Joe + Steve- fuck you.

Joe- Fuck it. we're going to marge's country diner.

Steve- fine. they got everything and they're dirt cheap
Danny- like your mom. I guess. It seems to be the lowest common de-nom-nom.
by weird harmonica player August 09, 2010
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