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Any person who meets one or more of these requirements:

1) Living in housing with a low rental payment.
2) Wearing those crappy Starter jackets/shirts/hats of the following teams: Miami Dolphins, NY Giants, Phonix Suns, Hartford Whalers, etc.
3)Listening to tapes of Chumbawumba
4)Living in the low rental section of Canning (even if you don't live in low rental housing)
5)Eating Chester Fried Chicken on a regular basis
6) Enjoying NASCAR and/or WWE

*Note* (The salutaion of the low rental is the coveted middle finger)
"Those friggin' low rentals were trying to eat my garbage again!"
"Don't go up on Cavel St. man! Thats low rental territory!!"
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
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