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A drinking game requiring a 52 card deck with jokers, and spirits.

Basic rules.

- Each player splits the deck, the player with the lowest card takes 1 shot.

- Aces are low.

- If two or more players draw the same low card then those players must all take 1 shot.

- If a joker is drawn then all other players must take 1 shot.

- There are no winners in Low Card Shot.

Optional rules.

- the "Hardcore Round"; in a hardcore round the player drawing the lowest card must take the same amount of shots as the number on the card. There must be a majority vote for a hardcore round to take place.

- "Double Spades"; if the lowest card drawn is a Spade, then the player must take 2 shots.

- the "I'm not a little girl" rule; Players must notify everyone if they want to leave the game, then have to play another 3 rounds minimum to avoid looking like a little girl.
this one time i thought i was winning at Low Card Shot... turns out i was losing worse than ever
by c.bermuda December 04, 2010
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