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Not lust nor infatuation but masturbating to true love while they are not around to have sex.
Johnny:I'm loverbating to Emma Watson oh my God she's so sweet and nice and intelligent I just love her! *jack off
Steve: What the fuck you don't know her plus she lives across the sea
Johnny day dreaming: Sailors singing and dancing: "Oh we went across the see, in the wide wide open sea to see what we could see,
Other sailors: *whistling in tune
Sailor: Oh the big mystery!
Other sailors: Of the wide wide open sea!
*Sailor folk dance*Sailor folk dance

Sailors signing: Oh how inlove we could be in the wide wide open sea
*Jack off
Sailors whistling* *sailor folk dance

Jack: *stares what the fuck is the matter with you man!?? *runs away screaming

Johnny:.... :O)
by browngirlsdonttakebs July 05, 2009
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