Loveable Rogues are a 3-piece band which are commonly known for competing on Britains Got Talent. Te, Eddie and Sonny are also known as the 3 sexiest men on earth!
Person 1: Have you heard of Loveable Rogues?
Person 2: Them hotties? Who hasn't?!
by sophieeexo November 11, 2012
Top Definition
the one whos a bit of a rebel, but you just luuurrvvvee.

tho one who asks 'why do u treat me like god?'

often staggeringly good looking.

ellie, you know im talking about you.

in this case, she is rude, attractive and such a whore.
ah, ur such a loveable rogue, just like in a story


ah ellie, ur the loveable rogue of my life story.
by cashmere868 February 01, 2008
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