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Another word for a dude's balls. Preferable utilized toword a female to entice her.
Ouch baby, you just hit my love nuggets...........
by Doc_G December 11, 2006
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A term used to call someone a fan or friend
I hope all of my love nuggets are having a great day!
by TDS1984 March 03, 2015
An accidental or deliberate piece of poo falling out of the bumhole after anal sex.
You just shit on my Bed!!!!! No..... It's a love nugget.
by J0n095 May 23, 2015
A small peice of fecal matter that klings under one's knob when pulling out after anal sex.
How did I get a skid mark on the front of my underwhere? Must have been a love nugget.
by Norad March 24, 2005
The small mosrel of poo eaten during a rim-job. Usually pops out when reciever of rim-job orgasms
Tim was Giving Kraig a rim-job, and as Kraig screamed in ectasy Tim ate his love nugget.
by Urban Dictionary May 19, 2005

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