1. To be smitten with love.

2. A cardboard oval decorated into a colourful looking beetle, with the words "LOVE BUG" written on it, and given to a total strangers in the street.
Amy gave away lots of Love Bugs at the anti-war demo.
by Kerb November 29, 2004
Top Definition
A disgusting creature that burrows into someone's brain when they least expect it and then lays eggs which then travel through your blood stream and into your heart, thus contaminating you with the vile feeling that people call love.
I think he's got the love bug..I guess we must tear off his head.
1. The name given to the girl that has you completely head over heels in love with her. Seemingly perfect for you and makes any other girl seem to disappear from the room.

2. the love of my life and the only girl i plan to marry and call my own one day. she is the only girl for me.

3. Jillian
Baby, you are my love bug.
by OnlyForHer August 05, 2009
You could become a 'lovebug' because YOU are so full of love.

Someone else could become a lovebug because they are so full of love.

To be called a lovebug is the ultimate expression of affection, you are so full of love.
Jack: Hows things with Jane?
Eddi: Oh ok, she's my lil lovebug.
Jack: I see, she must really love you then!
Eddi: yep :)

Emily: Hows things with Jack?
Jane: Great thanks! But i'm turning into a bit of a lovebug.
Emily: i guess you've proppa fallen for him then?
Jane: yep :)
by Faif April 29, 2008
A bug that literally does nothing besides have sex all day. Every May and September is "love bug season", when they infest the southeastern United States in month-long cycle of reproducing and dying.

They don't bite, carry disease, or eat crops, but they do annoy the hell out of everyone because there's so many of them.
These love bug carcasses are ruining my car's paint job!
by marty3 September 27, 2010
a nickname for the person you wanna be with forever
Tht is my lovebug, someday she will marry me!
by brittney! January 22, 2009
An adult game in a vehicle, when a person sees a volts wagon beetle (NEW style) (operational or non operational) calls love-bug and points it out, (you must get 10 love bugs in a 24hr period to count as one point) that person gets oral sex anytime he or she desires within a one month period. Convertible love-bugs count as 2. When one person gets to 10 love-bugs (1 point) the counter starts over. A person can claim as many as possible and use them on the person called with! after one month of love-bug being called it is canceled out, Also a love-bug point can be canceled out by another persons love-bug point.

a variation to the slug-bug and shag-wagon game!
person #1

love bug, right over there, do you see it?
person #2.
yes i do! do you see that convertible love bug? ha now i got 2 and you have 1.


person #1.
YAY i got 10 love bugs you owe me oral tonight!

person # 2.
well wait till i get 10 love bugs then i can cancel you out before you use it, or you will have to owe me too!

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